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Cat Ivy - Singer-songwriter

Cat Ivy doesn't keep a diary. Instead, she writes songs. The 21-year-old Los Angeles singer songwriter makes emotionally charged pop music that's equally honest and heartfelt. On her self-titled debut EP, Cat Ivy, she tells a collection of personal and poignant stories that spring to life, sure to resonate with everyone who hears them.

Cat grew up immersed in music. Whether she was combing her father's CD collection for new gems, listening to everyone from Taylor Swift to Imagine Dragons, performing in local renditions of The Little Mermaid, Oliver Twist, and The King And I, or taking guitar and voice lessons, she constantly worked towards her own dream of becoming a singer songwriter. In between pursuing music and art, she appeared in independent films including Sparky's and Comedy Hell, with her inimitable charisma shining on screen.

In 2012, she teamed up with producer and songwriter Linus of Hollywood [Jennifer Lopez, The Smashing Pumpkins]. Together, they built a collection of tunes that showcased Cat’s impressive voice and songwriting ability.

"I wanted to do something really open and honest," she explains. "In the studio, Linus pushed me to excel, and I learned so much from him. I feel that my EP is the best way for someone to get to know me." 
Cat’s first single "Creating My Life" starts with a solid bass line and rises into a massive melody that proves instantly irresistible. It's also a testament to Cat's penchant for creating. "I've always loved the idea of creating something from nothing. We all do that. We paint our futures in our minds and try to live out our dreams, creating our lives as we go along. It reminds everyone there's a positive side to life, and that we each control our own destiny."

That positivity proves truly inspirational, and Cat's upbeat perspective remains a touchstone of her music. "A Dream That I Had" serves up her version of a love song, while "One Voice" is her declaration of independence.

"Throughout my life, I've been the quiet one," she admits. "People will ask me for advice because I listen. Sometimes, I don't get the chance to speak though, and I know a lot of other kids feel the same way. This song says that we all deserve to be heard, to be that One Voice."

When Cat is discovered by the public, pop music could very well change. "I'm quite aware of the world around me, and I draw on experiences I've had," the songstress concludes. "If I can make someone happy or remind them that things always get better, that would be the best thing I could imagine."

She stopped doing the plays after a while and went on to professional acting. She has sung in The LA Children's Festival as well as other projects and acted in films as well. She has also tried her hand many times performing stand up comedy at the LA Improv and hosting a webshow.

Currently, she is working on her craft and manifesting her dreams. She is confident that her persistence and her love for entertainment as well as life will take her very far.

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