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Cat Ivy - Singer/Songwriter


 A Musical Force to be Reckoned With


Cat Ivy writes music based on her experiences. Beginning to write at age 10, the now 22 year old has developed a style of her own. Influenced by musicians such as Sara Bareilles, John Mayer, the Beatles, and Steely Dan, she combines modern-day pop music with sounds of rock. Cat Ivy’s first, self-titled EP was released in 2012, marking the beginning of her journey as a singer/songwriter pop artist. Her mission is create music that is both clever and honest in order to unveil and explore whatever truth may arise. 


Growing up in a suburb of Los Angeles, Cat was surrounded by the entertainment industry. Her dad, a screenwriter and stand-up comedian, always encouraged her to pursue her passions. Always a writer, Cat soon put words to music when she combined her love for writing with piano. At 16, she released her first EP, Cat Ivy, and began performing around the Los Angeles area at venues such as the Mint and the Witzend.


Soon after, Cat left for college, trading pop music for Classical and Jazz. Studying intensively at the George Washington University in Washington, DC, Cat found herself aching to get back in the studio and have the freedom to create her own music. A psychology major and music minor during the day, Cat would spend hours late at night in the basement of a building writing songs. On her 21st birthday, Cat realized that she couldn’t picture herself doing anything other than creating music and decided that night she would move back to Los Angeles and pursue a career as a singer/songwriter.  


Upon moving back to Los Angeles, Cat became involved at the Songwriting School of Los Angeles where she diligently focused on creating music both on her own and with other members of the community. Currently recording her second EP, Cat plays with themes of self-empowerment, feeling lost, and love. Cat hopes people will find this EP to be just what they need and have as much fun listening to it as she has writing it.


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